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  1. Mio says:

    all the memes aside this youtube channel is good

  2. Amelin Albert says:

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  3. Resul Abdul says:

    Hello tai.. Subtitle will be great for us from Turkey.. Please use subtitle..

  4. Learn and Earn says:

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  5. Mark Jackson says:

    Damn 3hrs to explain? Smh

  6. Jay Barbeau says:

    Tai your content is very powerful stuff. I can't understand anyone having an issue with u charging for this. Generally when an individual gets something for nothing they tend to not appreciate the gift and never use the information anyway. Keep on keeping on.

  7. kabumko says:

    222 $ a month, 24 yo Bulgaria – im disabled – kidneys – that's my pension

  8. hilary clinton says:

    you can make 10 billion dollars from selling dill does but in the end of the day. you still sell dill does. I love hearing this guy say, I know a guy, I know a guy, I know a guy. I m gonna show you how to do this. oh and I know a guy who made a billion dollars. see that's his corvette outside. I'm not lying. look at my cheap suit that don't even fit me. it's plumb

  9. Herman Mehra says:


  10. LoneWolf says:

    What’s the website to check for trademark ?

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  12. mystical D says:

    When mentoring people, you should keep your phone on mute.

  13. LiquidGolding says:

    I like all the reasons why we will miss the trends. It would be great if you make a detailed video about that

  14. GetGutter says:

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  15. Liam Brugler says:

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  18. Trung Le says:

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  19. Cole Lewis says:

    Do you have to have a retail license or anything to sell stuff on your own website or through amazon???