5 Easy Ways To Save Money for Teens! | Kenzie Elizabeth

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20 Responses to 5 Easy Ways To Save Money for Teens! | Kenzie Elizabeth

  1. rclbeauty lover says:

    try freemyapps http://m.freemyapps.com/share/url/57e2f7f7
    you get money in giftcards to stores like sephora starbucks and more 😋👍

  2. Scorpio Zen says:

    I spend my money to buy White house .. its to hard u know !!!

  3. Shane Vienna says:

    Kenzie my teacher litterally played dis vid just today at school about saving money and we're all like yay its kenzieeeee!!!!

  4. Finda Mover says:

    To save money you have to make money, this free book I got for christmas helped me a lot, it had a lot of ideas and it had step by step guides on how to make money as a teen.


  5. Mr D&Mrs Å says:

    Only boy here?

  6. Shelby says:

    I'm saving up to go to America 😂

  7. xDjxBlendx says:

    Is Urban Outfitters expensive? Jesus, 40$ for shorts that are on sale !? 

  8. madaboutmaddie says:

    this is amazing! i love all your tips

  9. ya girl says:

    Who the fuck pays you 100 to babysit?? Lmfao

  10. Stella “StellaBellaMsp” Bella says:

    Omg this was amazing and thank you 😙 I'm only thirteen and now I can make money.

  11. Adna Dervisevic says:

    Just stop talking too much

  12. Katie Creevy says:


  13. SammySea12 says:

    Megan and Liz !! I knew I recognized the song ! :)

  14. Cindy Morais says:


  15. Moriah's Life says:

    I think the best way to save money is do not buy anything 😂😂 just kidding 

  16. wavyerarx 24 says:

    wich is the song where she talks about the 10% off in stores for students

  17. dancygirl100 says:

    I can't believe you were making excuses in the beginning your videos are amazing!! Even the quality and you even take the time out to film and edit! At least you're not blowing off your subscribers but I understand what you mean by like longer and more stuff in the video but I love plain and simple videos like these!!:)❤️

  18. Sofia Romero-Waters says:

    Thank you, this has really helped me! Love you sososososo much and I know you probably won't see this but would love if you'd follow me on Instagram! Ps your feed is goals!💜💜

  19. Yasmin Dan says:

    Kindaa luvvv you. Such a great video :)

  20. Jasmineee5 says:

    These tips are awesome!