5 Ways To Lose Weight FAST! Fun Workout Routines | MyLifeAsEva

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Cute and Warm Fall Outfit Ideas! How To Look Good While Staying Cozy!

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40 Responses to 5 Ways To Lose Weight FAST! Fun Workout Routines | MyLifeAsEva

  1. Chitoge Kirisaki says:

    Wow she did fouettés

  2. Nyree Thompson says:

    For every like I will go one day without junk food 😮😮😮😮😆

  3. Jess Heasman says:

    This was so incredibly motivating

  4. maria rosetti says:

    Carrots on the toilet😂😂😂

  5. Maycee LeBlanc says:

    Carrots on the toilet

  6. Kikki Mambo says:

    This is very inspiring video and the food looks just amazing. For a better effect, Id like to recommend to watch this link and follow the 2 minutes program a day. This helped me to lose the weight within few weeks http://1url.cz/Mt91M

  7. unìcorn says:

    u know what this is actually super helpful cause you dont even have to be good at soccer or basketball or dancing but you can do it and it will be fun and u loose loads of fat

  8. Lamar Aziz says:

    I love playing soccer, basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, track and field, tennis and swimming

  9. didi my world says:

    The saying is killing two birds with one stone 😂😂

  10. francisca casanueva says:

    Carrots on the toilet

  11. Emily Boeser says:

    all my friends are like why are you so good at sports
    me:i have 3 brothers and 1 sister i grew up playing sports with them in the back yard

  12. Nayely. Mendez says:

    1like=1day without junk food

  13. kyle and Alyssa says:

    U are really flexible

  14. Natasha Murrin says:

    She is so boss but she is like distance running isn’t very fun etc then she is like distance running is amazing and I love it 😂

  15. Jayme Elise says:

    I'm on a diet not a strict one because I don't wanna make my life miserable but I do exersize and do low carb and eat healthy everyday I have lost 12 pounds from doing these things I tried out for soccer and made the team I sweat a lot from that and my sister is maybe joining I also sprint run everyday at least 20-30 minuets a day And I make up fun dances and I also play basket ball and another tip is put a lot of fruit or lemon in ur water

  16. Michelle Guo says:

    Me:clicks on video
    Me:falls of my chair and killed my self and my tablet

  17. SamanthaMarie L says:

    i’m a dancer🧡

  18. Anna’s Challenge says:

    I realy want your belly lol 😂

  19. nayeem khan says:

    * after watching this *
    Me: ok u got this.ill run that’s the best thing to do.im ready to lose weight
    * runs around the house *

  20. Kamarra Rosebrook says:

    I love soccer I have played it for 4 years

  21. breanna smith says:


  22. Josie Kleve says:

    It's so weird to see how style and trends have changed so much in only 3 years. I remember when wearing printed leggings was a huge trend and they weren't acceptable as real pants lol

  23. BunnyHopster6753 says:

    It's freeezing in the morning and warm in the afternoon this fall!

  24. SHANE DAWSON says:

    Video starts at 2:21 and tbe video is only 5:31

  25. Billie Mota says:

    Some of these cute clothes you can get here that are pretty inexpensive.


  26. Sweetalicious Slimes says:

    Who's watching in 2017

  27. Emily Pond says:

    The weather where I live is 10 degrees celsius sooo sad and rlly cold too

  28. savannah Phillips says:


  29. Mya Sway says:

    The funny part was when she was like nobody want to wear summer clothes when it's fall

  30. Love Cheng says:

    Me too I don't even know what yeet is like whhaaaaa ?

  31. Allie Sofia says:

    this video never got to 70,000 🖒

  32. 2 awesome and dramatic Tweens says:

    It's 109° in Cali……………. it's like 40°here….

  33. Brooklyn Workman says:

    Can you do this video again plz for 2017

  34. Kaiya Cassidy says:

    Rn now in Canada 🇨🇦 the land of he bacon eh, its real rainy. Well at lest where I live. And it cold and I LOVVEEEE ITTT I don't want the snow to come thooo 😂😭🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  35. Janaysplace says:

    This was the first Eva video I had watched

  36. Feeling Purple says:

    …these are only three outfits.

  37. Its Shantyce101 says:

    Who's watching this in 2017

  38. Paige Nelson says:

    Yeet 😂😂

  39. Victoria Chadwick says:

    anyone watching in 2017 ? 🙂

  40. Anabelle Little says:

    a "cold state"? guess you havent been to canada in the fall (dont even think about the winter)