Artist Marketing: How To Make MONEY Fast On Soundcloud

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23 Responses to Artist Marketing: How To Make MONEY Fast On Soundcloud

  1. G Dog says:

    u look lik my brother on fo

  2. Audrey Peterson says:

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  3. LUca Dcv says:

    I got one question, why should ppl buy your music on bandcamp if they can listen to it for free on soundcloud?

  4. 1of1Austin says:

    You look like fauni and uno mixed together

  5. BIG BIRD says:

    niggas be putting ass shit butnme im heat n ion need to do this i just wanted to because of what u said lol but frfr bro look at it for a fact u gunna like it n if u dont you dont got no taste

  6. Fernando Nunez says:

    Of course he grabs a bong. Just look at him, he look like those druggies at my school.

  7. Austin Csizmadia says:

    Aye bro. I fw your information. If you can make a short video of you making some sick beats to help us beginners. If you did can you send me the link. Ty 💯

  8. xotroyy says:

    Check my shit out tho

  9. DON cruz says:

    Tf you you got a mop on your head for?!?

  10. DeepRegards says:

    this guy is funny but shit is saying is true

  11. VipperKdog says:

    Bro i wrote sum like a rap or w.e in like about a hour but i didnt record it yet n redownloaded soundcloud but idk what else to do ( i wrote the stuff out,found a good beat for it )

  12. jamal Richards says:

    This is some good information

  13. mil_mentor says:

    Heres Whats Wrong With Your Cash Flow…#makemoneyonline #earnmoney

  14. Kollector says:

    Can you do a video on making music videos

  15. koby. 757 says:

    Dope tips bro. Artist can sell merchandise to make money too.

  16. Ahmad Syukrie says:

    Im the 2k viewer

  17. Michael James Slattery says:

    What did the booth cost?

  18. Ralph Serpe says:

    Love it. Great idea man!

  19. azam987654321 says: