AuraKingdom – How to Make Gold! (Cooking)

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AuraKingdom - How to Make Gold! (Cooking)

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11 Responses to AuraKingdom – How to Make Gold! (Cooking)

  1. zlXDaqw says:

    I’m level 4 best food to cook all the way to level 6?

  2. GaarA The best says:

    c'mon u rish people fund me !!!!!!! xD

  3. Nikka Rivera says:

    This method actually made me lose money ;-; idk why but people don't buy the finished item. I tried selling on AH and tc ;-;; any advice

  4. huge chrome peach says:

    do you sell in trade chat, AH, or stall? on PS stalls dont seem that popular

  5. Venusu Games says:

    I just realized we're in the same guild…..intense fangirling

  6. Argie Cooler says:

    By the way ty for this video ill try manual and go rich so that ill improve by being noob too ahh a little bit good.

  7. Argie Cooler says:

    and hey how did you get to the crystal lake i dont know how you do that but is this a private server?

  8. Argie Cooler says:

    ohh its manual i hate manual (TAT) i cant do manual cooking its too fast.

  9. Kaori Amalia Kudsy says:

    great video. my cooking level is lv 2. what food do you recommend to make?

  10. Kobe T says:

    make How to make gold Fishing next 🙂

  11. Nobusha says:

    Tks to share this