Branding & Originality: Set Yourself Apart ★PRO GAMER Series (Make Money Playing Video Games)

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20 Responses to Branding & Originality: Set Yourself Apart ★PRO GAMER Series (Make Money Playing Video Games)

  1. Jesper Van beek says:

    Badassgaming do you like Metallica??

  2. GameNerds AJ says:

    what do you use to edit and create thumbnails

  3. Matthew Hart says:

    Hey fellow gamers if you need business identity help it's what I do for a living:

  4. Justin Burchett says:

    Bro I would love it if you'd help me out with this cause me and two friends that are all really good at destiny want to make a channel together. We all have 1,200 Elo and we thought it'd be a good time to start capitalizing off that

  5. Evicorator says:

    motivated me to finally finish editing my vids. in the middle of the night. dammit

  6. Ben Gilbert says:

    Hey BA, do you or anyone else down here in the comments know of any type of websites or some way to learn basic photoshop and editing online for free?

  7. Uncuckable MotherTucker says:

    Don't use clickbait titles like for instance, "ASS TOUCHING PRANK GONE WRONG!!!1 GONE SEXUAL!!!11!!! JAIL!!!! SEND HELP!!!"

  8. satun bas says:

    is that kilo asking the questions?

  9. LeGamingTitan says:

    I got a question for you BA,
    Does making videos with a group (like you and your group of friends) make it easier to get content? Does it ever bring you conflict or cause you problems??

  10. StuckInNE says:

    I like that you took the time to explain some of these things. Really liked watching you make that thumbnail.

  11. recabus says:

    dont know your name man, havent watch your streams (i should) but your videos are badasss! specialy the year one video.
    sincerly: that mexican that liked the comment of trump

  12. Ross Flores says:

    I'm better at the crucible from watching you 😉

  13. Addie M. says:

    I appreciate these so much, thank you for making them!! How do you get started streaming when you don't have the money to buy a capture card or a fancy computer? I would love to start streaming, but I'm not really sure how to make that first step.

  14. MrSandman2448 says:

    Nice video dude. Good insight and yeah watch you mostly for a good laugh in all your videos

  15. Samus Aran says:

    seriosly… love your style, Badass.

    and remember; my book, "pluto's moon" its a hit in all latin america…XD

    just kidding. love you Badass.

  16. Cyka Blyat says:

    Suh BA

  17. Phillip Thornton says:

    if one day you could email me those tools or the links to where i can get them i would really appreciate that becuase i want to do youtube but i cant really find a job to get the money to start youtube so i would like to get some of the stuff for youtube for free just to get started

  18. DenzerOG says:

    I am currently at 520 subs and would absolutely love to do this full time. I really appreciate your effort in providing us smaller guys some helpful hints. As they say, experience is worth more than anything! I love your content and the idea's you come up with. I am always looking to improve my craft and try to help smaller you-tubers as well. I remember you mentioning not to do this as it doesn't gain as much publicity. I do however, send play station messages to my friend list to promote. It works well and i got that idea from your previous helpful videos! I completely agree – providing the same content as the bigger youtube videos doesn't help as its competing against the majority of those bigger youtube guys. Once again – Thank you for your help. I learned alot from this video!

  19. Hauntingname32 says:

    I now know how to rage in the crucible after watching your videos lol

  20. Jesus Montes says:

    i want to know how to snipe again