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  1. Lalkhoneh Haokip says:

    What nonsense. You will never get a song in your inbox. Stop fooling people around. What the fuck is $20/ hour?

  2. Ahmed Jahid says:

    thank you vr=ery mutch
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  3. YOUTUBE INDEX says:

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  4. Nadia Williams says:

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  5. salmanc1 says:

    fake. you make 3 dollars a month maximum.

  6. surendar bhati says:


    I need help. I can't see any songs it say

    Currently, there are no more new songs for you to listen to. Please check back again some time in the near future.

  7. Mark Williams says:

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    This is very easy to do.

  8. Dong Dong says:

    I'm not getting any songs
    what should i do

  9. manoj tomar says:

    is pay pal necessary while registration or we will fill it later.tell me anybody

  10. A. AMNA says:

    I don't get songs in my inbox.. help?

  11. vinay singh says:

    which preference we have to chose

  12. CaptainsEyePatch says:

    The simple answer to anyone asking the question is.
    Yes it works. But if this person wants you to blive that they make $250 a month doing this… Then they are stupid..

    I know about six people that do this and most of them make between $0.10 and $3.00 a month doing it….

    The problem is that many people never get music, and the ones that do can't tell you how they get music. And they only get a few a day.

    Which honestly a few a day would be fine, if it didn't take $20 to get a payout.

  13. ilyas hackranker/cracker/information technology says:

    yeah its cool but finally i dont have any song

  14. MostAmazingTop7 says:

    Its just a BULLSHIT
    Don't waste ur precious time.

  15. Abdulrhman Motawa says:

    I am not getting any songs what should I do? thanks for the video btw! 😀

  16. leow yz says:

    hi I've already sent an email to you reguarding my problem

  17. John Balikuddembe says:

    I am interested to join and start making money by listening to music.

  18. Alecia Greene says:

    Dose it really work?

  19. TheGamingTime Jaydison says:

    how to get money from musicXray

  20. Kronemyer Galen says:

    Hello brother i have sent you an email !!