Get your Beats in Tv Shows, Film and Video Games Make Money Selling your Beats

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Video Rating: / 5

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33 Responses to Get your Beats in Tv Shows, Film and Video Games Make Money Selling your Beats

  1. Dark Sin says:

    Valuable info Thank you Sir💯

  2. dont trip says:

    yo dropping gems thanks alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Boomdock Beats says:

    why dont you respond to the comments Big homie?

  4. Boomdock Beats says:

    why dont you respond to the comments Big homie?

  5. Ahmed Tawfeg says:

    Learn How To Create And Place Your Music In Tv/film.

  6. Project Beatz says:

    yo get me on bro i got beats that can be put on stufff and we can split the bread got bmi to

  7. Marlene Bennett says:

    Hi I have my own tv show call me 914 920 9767 or email deborahinnovation@gmail

  8. Jack Spade says:

    How much I gotta pay to get access to music supervisors? I already got beats on kardashians and bad girls club

  9. DeNiro ONeal says:

    that's my goals

  10. djseriousbizness says:

    It sounds like you gotta little experience LoL

  11. dj Italy The Sicilian Don says:

    salute @italiax5 👊💥

  12. Creative Creation says:

    This is motivating. Your definitely not bragging at all. Much respect you grinding.

  13. Mitch Neses says:


  14. Trehnt says:

    thumbnail has me dead 😂

  15. Kenny Lauderdale says:

    Good vid

  16. Audible Quest says:

    Man all that work spamming folks must be so time consuming. probably better to focus on making music. i aint' makin no numbers but I just couldn't find myself doing all that for nothing

  17. Isaiah Campbell says:

    Tons of value in this video

  18. Benji Status says:

    +djpain Very insightful info and advice.

  19. Moraldo Beats says:

    That graphic in the into tho 🔥🔥

  20. PJHASBEATS says:

    This has to be the realest shit online. Straight game, holding no punches! Thank you for letting us know what options there are. I’ve been watching this page for years. I’m grateful. Peace ✌️

  21. king of your hood says:

    Don't hate the player hate the game lol

  22. king of your hood says:

    Check out my beats and songs for FREE and subscribe .. im the best no doubt

  23. Konjure Muzik says:

    Thank you for the enlightenment, much appreciated. Spamming links to your beats in other producers videos is mad grimey in my opinion. Can't say I never thought about doing it because I thought it was working for people. I'm young in the game. but I never could go through with it because it is a shitty thing to do. Thanks for the gems and dope ass music you upload on here!

  24. FuckYour Producer says:

    💯🗣 well expressed

  25. Ave Mcree says:


  26. Garrick Cowherd says:

    Thanks Dj Pain! Appreciate it.

  27. Smoovee says:

    great video

  28. Cyco Thah Urchin says:

    you got a email i need to ask you something not on here tho

  29. Cyco Thah Urchin says:

    i hate that shit bro, why advertise on what i'm promoting….

  30. Cool Typhoon says:

    Much respect and appreciation to the infamous DJ Pain 1. Thank you for you sir!

  31. Andre Golston says:

    Dude you have help me so much #Salute
    I also do well with the unfinished Fridays… I'm just now trying to get on a professional level and you're videos are definitely guiding me in a good direction… Let's chat more in private and see what else I'm lacking… thanks again Pain

  32. The Chem Clinic says:

    Hey Listen to my jus kidding. But your welcome too! Good, useful info bros

  33. UR3ANFISH says:

    Don't spam, but I think it's fine to leave a comment directing people to ur music… As long as the video ur leaving a comment on is extremely similar and to a similar quality.
    If ur an artist who sounds/has similar style to the video u leave ur comment on then I think that's okay.
    YT recommends similar videos so if u know ur music or channel is similar then you're actually doing the viewers a favour.
    But don't just tell people come check my music out… Tell them why they should… What will people gain from coming to ur channel. I think this works better with vocalists than producer… Most hip hop producer sound the same already lol.
    I'm saying this because I have found a few artist myself from clicking on a comment they've left on another channel. They left pretty in depth paragraphs on why I should check their channels out and I did. Comment don't spam.