How I Make MONEY as a Small Tech Channel – Behind The Scenes 4 PC Whip up

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How I Make MONEY as a Small Tech Channel - Behind The Scenes 4 PC Whip up

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20 Responses to How I Make MONEY as a Small Tech Channel – Behind The Scenes 4 PC Whip up

  1. Michael S. says:

    HAHAHA that ending High quality power!!!!! the Jamaican power is above 9000

  2. Michael S. says:

    Focus G is SEX

  3. Fluttershy .Windwing says:

    nice lol parts from abroad. i rarely venture out my home……i need a life, anyone got one to spare?

  4. A Random Guy says:

    "Rota, last name Mazda"
    Damn it. Muddle might as well be "Apex Seals"

  5. Poodapah ♡♤♡ says:

    Man the reason I love your channel is because whatever you're doing you're working hard on it and you're very knowledgable and confident and it's just so different and cool to see that

  6. Nico says:

    The used part hustle yes, I have been on pc flipping for awhile. Its very fun!

  7. Marcus gholston says:

    alpha male

  8. hari haran says:

    Which editor was used on the thumbnail video….,?

  9. K.O.N says:

    I’m building an old retro pc for a video and if it’s ok with you when I’ve uploaded it I would love to send it to you for you to review and also do a video on as I would love to see your opinion on it

  10. Kaser says:

    LOL stock coolers !

  11. Ruperth316 says:

    Im still running i5-2400 semi-potato with gtx 1070

  12. crazy-tech_GR says:

    in 2 min there was a man in the large window

  13. Mascher says:

    where do you sell these pcs to? an australian craigslist?

  14. Will Clifton says:

    Do you invest in cryptocurrencies if so which currencies do you invest in?

  15. OPTERON PRIME says:

    Love your content

  16. Kendrick Manalo says:

    anyone know the title of the song from 4:435:39?

  17. XawmbiRanger says:

    A big no no here. Dont put components on the carpet if you arent using esd wrist strap. Ground ur self. I fcked up my mobo not doing it.

  18. Plamen Dobrev says:

    I just watched THE SKETCHIEST pre-roll ad of all time, of a bold middle-aged gentleman, convincing me to work with him on his bitcoin mining farm… Your video better be really good. 😀

  19. cool kid says:

    hey where do you sell your computers

  20. Ronald Estabillo says:

    for me, he is the best channel when it comes to real cheap build like scrap build that works – Price / Performance wise. Linus tech and others dont care about the $$$.