How I Make Over $4000 a Month Selling Music Online: This Is Not a Get Quick Rich Course

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20 Responses to How I Make Over $4000 a Month Selling Music Online: This Is Not a Get Quick Rich Course

  1. Stan Butler Southern Soul Blues says:

    Awesome tutorial!! You made more sense than 70% of all the videos I've seen on YouTube that describe the business..thanks

  2. AWSOMUS PRIME says:

    How do you route all the dollars to a bank account….?

  3. Pratik Thakre says:

    I have written lyrics and made my own music with background music but I don't know what to do now. I don't know how and where to sell my music

  4. TechNOsism says:

    Where can I sell music for free?

  5. Mumunحسين Mdnjhحباشنة says:

    Hi 👋 👋 👋

  6. Nazareo Marak says:

    I need to ask you many things

  7. RiQ THE KID says:

    Your inspirational thank you 💯

  8. Nisser Andersen says:

    Hi. Great video. Thanks. A little self help info for your viewers: Do you sell and promote your own songs online? See this simple method to increase your fanbase, the awareness of your music – and your online sales. Check my blogpost here:

  9. Jinder Jade says:

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  10. Solar Heavy says:

    Awesome hearing someone else mention the 80/20 rule! Kudos for sharing proper information.

  11. Mr X says:

    Respectfully, tell the younger musicians here the truth. You can tell them, if they look for "non-exclusive" music libraries meaning they retain all the "ownership" of the songs that they upload, and also if they compare the money that the music libraries takes for the "license of each song, they "may" make some money in regards to commercial licensed music. It takes time, and the payouts are "not" immediate or steady. If a person wants to distribute there own music for RETAIL SALE / VICE COMMERCIAL LICENSE, they "DO NOT" need ANY SORT of person to do that! They can sell right on bandcamp and other music sites all there own. The only money you are making is offering freely accessible information that can be found with a bit of research. Also, you do not need to wear a "black hat"… trust me it does nothing to boost your credibility.

  12. TheTicskitShow says:

    can I use a free beat on YouTube to write a song on it and sell it legally?

  13. Owen Ness says:

    this guy is awesome

  14. Dub says:

    Whats your advice homie what should i do

  15. Dub says:

    I have some real dope tracks i made a 17 song cd an would love ta post but worry about getting people biteing my shit so i dont but i feel like i could make it big an so does everyone who heres it

  16. lendup dorjee bhutia says:

    how much do we get paid per views through tunecore

  17. areyounuts111 says:

    aye that's dope I saw this guy like 10 years ago aha

  18. 000SilaS000 says:

    Nice music, man

  19. Aaron-sonny wellington says:

    wanna see a video of you first…..

  20. Icyystorm says:

    I've been thinking about posting my music on Youtube but I am worried about getting it stolen on not being credited if someone uses it and that is what keeps me from exposing my music. I've been thinking about joining patreon and maybe post on itunes via Tunecore but at a fee.

    I don't know what to do, I spent a lot of time of my songs and last thing I would want is get them stolen..

    What do you think I should/could do?