How To Create, Promote and Sell Your Music Online – make money on Audiojungle!

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20 Responses to How To Create, Promote and Sell Your Music Online – make money on Audiojungle!

  1. ELPLAK says:

    Good advice Alex, thank you very much for the inspiration you give us.

  2. Don't Judge Productions says:

    Thank you for your advice 🙂

  3. Egress says:

    Alex, one more thing…I am also on SoundCloud. There's other peaces that aren't on youtube yet that you might want take a look at. Just do a search like Pluto by Egress or Crash Symbol by Egress, etc,.

    Thanks again, and have a good one!

  4. Egress says:

    Alex, дружбан, где ты был до этого дня, or similarly I can say: where have you been, and which body of water were you treading. If I said I like your enthusiasm it would be an understatement. You remind me of my older brothers, Vladimir and Витетцкий, I only have 8 of them and I am the youngest. Listen bud, I will be doing research toward what you have suggested, in the meantime would you take a listen to what it is that I do. You, as someone who studied music, perhaps could give me a few pointers as to how best to further my exposure and what avenues to consider taking along with critiquing the material I produce. I am just a self taugt piano/keyboard player with voracious appetite for sound. What I've noticed is that those who know a thing or two about music, tend to like my material and say: I don't see how you can fail in life. I just haven't run into the right individuals yet. What can I say, been busy cultivating my talent, and money was never an aim. But I must do this now, I have zero doubt about it.

    I would be quite thankful for any tips.

  5. Alexander Hoff - Composer says:

    He made $840 on a freaking mouse click effect haha!

    Awesome video, really funny yet informative!

  6. Дмитрий Тихомиров says:

    Рассказал как следует)) Big up!

  7. Алексей Гончаров says:

    Странный чувак

  8. LitBitCOINS says:

    just got to the end the best is to sell FARTS!! Smart , funny , and I'm definitely making a video about this I'll give you a shout out on my video

  9. Anton Brabant says:

    ha this was very entertaining and informative! I have made over 500usd in a year but am going to give it another go! good tips on here! Check me out on Audiojungle: Brightdaymedia

  10. Alexander Gorban says:

    хаха, чудесно

  11. Fasnozt Uralanov says:

    Бля, что за говор))))

  12. dannyU2g says:

    you remind me of ali g 🙂 u're hilarious

  13. Martin Lorenc says:

    very nice video dude 😉

  14. Tufayel Talha says:

    why people be buying mouse click sounds ! sounds so dumb :/

  15. Relaxation Daily says:

    Hey there, I am really hoping you can answer a question I have in a timely manner. Here it is:

    Is it better be exclusive or non exclusive with Audio Jungle? I hear it's better to be exclusive, but will I still own the rights for my music and can I license it to other directors outside of audio jungle? I know selling on other sites isn't allowed, but I'm wondering about licensing to other people.

    Also, can I license music that I made for someone if it's on other platforms such as Itunes and YouTube? I have the rights to license as much as I want since I made the music for him non exclusively. I'm just wondering if it will cause any issues if someone else licenses my music to put on their CD Baby or YouTube account, when it's already on this platforms. I don't want to get in trouble for copyright infringement.

    Thanks and please let me know ASAP.

  16. Adil Tatenov says:

    Братан говори на русском))

  17. Dewi Chronicle says:

    This is hillarious and informative!

  18. Wael Chorfan says:

    man you are awesome ,,thanks a lot

  19. NOAH-G DESIGN says:

    Thank you, Alex. For sharing this video with us.

  20. Do Or Die Audio says:

    Audio jungle take a 50% cut so they only made $420