How To Find Items At Goodwill To Resell on eBay and Amazon

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How To Find Items At Goodwill To Resell on eBay and Amazon

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13 Responses to How To Find Items At Goodwill To Resell on eBay and Amazon

  1. Gsilva 23 says:

    Hey how do u list the items on eBay??

  2. cg102 says:

    Man so there’s people who buy and resell donated items? Now iv’e seen it all. Remind me to just throw the stuff I no longer use to the dumpster.


    This guy needs some honey and lemon tea his voice is as raspy as a grandfather Toad… Yikes

  4. Midwest Dago says:

    I shipped guitar hero controllers without a box and just a bunch of bubble wrap!

  5. Tan and Violet says:

    How do you know what stuff is worth? Is there a guide to that?

  6. Jeremy haury says:

    do you have a guitar center or music instrument store nearby? ask them if they have an extra box or check the dumpster in the back!

  7. John Vas says:

    Aldi, conveniently seems to have locations near most Goodwills. I need my rice cakes. Aldi carries them for $1.30. All others price them over $2.30. There is about 10 items I buy regularly from Aldi. Each a dollar or more lower than the big grocers. $40 a month savings. That's a tank of gas. Sourcing Goodwill can add serious gas expenses. Anything helps these days.

  8. mark1nyc says: the music marketplace sells boxes for guitars resellers

  9. Crypto Dil says:

    I heard people get guitar hero boxes from Uline. Haven't done it myself though.

  10. The Sonny Project says:

    You can wrap it up and mail. Not everything needs to be in a box to sale… or you can box it up and it doesn't necessarily have to be in a box shape.

  11. Ninja 1974 says:

    Lee was an old brand that used to sell jeans. I don't know if they are still in existence

  12. Drew Smith says:

    Hey tony, saw your video, we've been selling on Ebay for about 2.5 years. I, like you, quit my corporate job to do this full time, and we have sales over 40k over the last 12 months. IT CAN BE DONE! another quick tip, if you need to sell a pool stick, or fishing pole, go to Homedepot, or lowes or the carpet store and ask for there carpet role tubes.

  13. venowow says:

    Best of luck to you in your new venture. Keep the content coming.