How To Get Rich In A Stock Market Crash Recession 2018

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How To Get Rich In A Stock Market Crash Recession 2018

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23 Responses to How To Get Rich In A Stock Market Crash Recession 2018

  1. The Monk Way says:

    Which stocks are you buying during the next crash?

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  2. senne houben says:

    just subscibed to my 3rd investment channel, really love the simple and animated style !!

  3. Shane Ashby says:

    Another great video. Thanks for the tips Monk 🙂

  4. Roman Hashon says:

    Going though your older stuff for the clicks likes and entertainment

  5. Rosaria Lussana says:

    can I have your mail please?

  6. MrJosephb15 says:

    Nvidia, Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, all the top tech companies basically. Most likely TESLA too.

  7. thomas terrence says:

    Like watching your videos but, had no idea your channel was stock/finance related till I clicked on it from boredom the other day. The name or picture isn't helping reach your intended base.

  8. Invest with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. says:

    One who wants protection from whatever happens should look at gold miners. Those are volatile but even a small percentage of your portfolio can give you a huge protection when the next recession comes around, especially is the FED prints more money as they have announced in their last meeting.

    Kind regards,

    Sven Carlin, the investing channel for the professional, part-time and beginning investor.

  9. Diogo Maria says:

    Wow, wtf where did those 700 subs come from?! xD
    Great Job my friend

  10. Terence Yu Asensi says:

    I have a Coca Cola bottle on my desk while I'm watching this lol

  11. ינאי מסקלצ'י says:

    do you belive that we are facing a reccetion ?

  12. Robert Caldwell says:

    Just a slight correction, MCD has a close on Aug 2007 at 49.25, rising to 59.75 in Oct only to fall to 53.58 in Jan 2008. This is a 9% drop and well within retracement range for profit taking, not 20%. I know that there was a high of 63.69 in Dec 2007 and a low of 49.36 in Jan 2008, giving 22%, but considering the average growth line, the deviation wasn't much.

    I'm betting that you did the same calculations with the others, but I forgive you, 🙂

  13. Stock Dog says:

    Buying puts on stocks or indexes could get you some big returns if you're right.

  14. Dindunuffin says:

    These stocks may be safe but those returns are awful. Barely getting a bagger in almost a decade at the lowest point? That's a poor return. Any fund manager would tell you that. Misleading title telling people they'll get rich. More like have a decent retirement. I could get a 100% return easily just parking my money in an S&P And letting the returns compound for ten years.

  15. Maurice Ellis says:

    proctor and gambell. people have to buy soap tooth paste.and.lotion toilet paper.keep clean ☺

    and CHurch and Dwight CO ticker CHD.. owners off Arm and hammer douderant ,toothpaste and other cleaning products and personnel care. .people need deodorant or else they will smell even though it's over valued now..

  16. Stocker Investing says:

    Nice video. I have a huge stock list that I monitor for when the next crash hits. RN i have about 30 companies on it to consider during the next crash.

  17. JKRhodes94 says:

    Very good picks!

    Stock Market Video Subs 85/100

  18. Chandler C says:

    What do you mean if you buy index? What is the difference? I'm interested in s&p 500.

  19. Christian Holloway says:

    Keep the content coming MONK! Great Video.

  20. Mellodread says:

    Great Video Monk

  21. Broken Teeth says:

    keep doing bro

    success comes

  22. sudhakar g says:

    Continue ur series and send ur phone number which more details pls

  23. VISHAL VS says:

    continue the series bro