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How to Earn Fast Cash in COTW | theHunter: Call of the Wild 2017

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40 Responses to How To Make Money Fast! 20 Ideas For Quick Cash! || SugarMamma.TV

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  5. Thắng Vũ Văn says:

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  12. Shivam Patel says:

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  13. Mark Jackson says:

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  14. BassAngler05 says:

    Would you recommend Elk for this?

  15. Nerd Life Gaming says:

    this also works with fallow deer and elk also,tested moose but they spook @300 meters

  16. Khader Khan says:

    Says earn fast cash has 338 and Red deer caller…. may as well go glitch out Laytonlake train tunnel and earn ez cash.

  17. Niko Mankinen says:

    How to zer0? I have the perks

  18. Ruben Brueland says:


  19. Kasey Odegaard says:

    U helped me too but how do u switch to da fone

  20. XxsniperElite 15 says:

    Does anyone have this game for ps4 and willing to help me that would be really appreciated

  21. Wiidim Boiz says:

    Ik this is an old vid but you were right in that spot at the lake I got 13,000 dollar in one sitting I always see them around 5:00

  22. Duncan Schott says:

    Good vid man

  23. Evan Lim says:

    Great video! Im just about to get buy my first 7mm! If you were using the 7mm in the video, would you be aiming for lung or spine? How does the bullet drop compared to the .338?

    Also, if it were against game of a smaller class, would the softpoint or polymer be better for the 7mm? (Seeing its cheaper for farming)

    Does range matter with the penetration? E.g. Closer range = more penetration so just softpoint into chest/neck would be an instakill?

  24. Nikoli Omlin says:

    Says to help out new players, brings up the 338…

  25. JoeVessplayz says:

    Can you run in this game?

  26. Giant Schlong says:

    With 2.8Million I can say just kill anything that gives money

  27. karl young says:

    Off topic, how did you get the purple tracks, the blue ones are just horrid to follow

  28. Lexor888 says:

    Nothing wrong with the video, except for the title… I think it is misleading.
    Given the average amount of time it takes to set it up like you did in this video, i can make more than twice the money by just walking through random woods, calling at random and at anything that produces a sound (mating/warning call).

  29. SKULLS NUCLEAR says:

    Playing the game right now and watching the video for some reason then a deer randomly comes right infront of me.

  30. RBJ says:

    What's the most effective way to get rid of hunting pressure? I understand you need to hunt other areas but I've hunted many other areas and killed many over 3 days but the original hunting spot is still pretty pink.

  31. Josh Boyer says:

    Flinter do a vid on best places to find Rocky Mountain Elkins the hunter classic

  32. Chris Johnson says:

    great video flinter you really helped me

  33. Hassik says:

    I don't play Call of the Wild, but I really liked this instructive kind video. Really shows your knowledge of this game!