How To Make More Money On Pinterest Fast

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    Thanks for the tips!!xoxo

  2. Anne Obara says:

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  3. Kazi Afroz says:

    how can i got the money in account? is ther any way to link up pinterest with payoneer account or any other ways??

  4. Simone Thomas says:

    Hi Erica, Great job. I'm getting better at using pinterest because aof all your training. Could you please assist me on getting on some group board. My pinterest url is

  5. Lucca Betta says:

    I have learned so much from you Erika in just a couple of hours looking at some YouTube’s

  6. Lucca Betta says:

    Please send me an invite to some group boards! Thank you Erika this is brilliant 🤗😉😀
    My username is 2ndskinintdes

  7. Pooey says:

    Maybe I missed it, but how do you add affiliate link back into your edited image on Canva?

  8. Baby Singalong says:

    How do we get invites to group boards? My niche is animated nursery rhymes YouTube videos.

  9. Duke ephraim says:

    Hello Maam
    Is it legal to modify amazon or any other platforms product images for affiliate marketing in pinterest?

  10. A Girls Ambition says:

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  11. Maria Cisneros says:

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  15. Mike Budde says:

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    Super helpful. Thanks! I’d love to get added to some group boards.

  19. Payal Bhavsar says:

    Are we allowed to use pictures from Amazon or is there a copyright issue?

  20. SoCal Drifter says:

    My store is which caters to premium pet products and gifts for owners. Are there group boards for that niche that I can get invited to? Thank you for the content.