How to Start a YouTube Channel + Make Money

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20 Responses to How to Start a YouTube Channel + Make Money

  1. basic says:

    Promoting your channel on my channel is like coming to McDonald's I'm eating at with a sign that advertises salads. I don't eat salads.

  2. Noah Wentworth says:

    I don't YouTube to make money I YouTube for my family friends and fans

  3. Clay alaina says:

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  4. Yuki says:

    Preach gurl

  5. Jordan Mcgaughy says:

    I am now on this can you halp me please


    It’s not really like you showing us how to make a YouTube channel

  7. Sammy Coates says:


  8. Chewy Piranhas! says:

    Guys I Trying To Reach My Dreams If You Guys could sub to my youtube It would be the world to me
    I am trying to reach 100 subs and buy the equipment so that I start making youtube VIDS I am 12
    I just want to follow my dreams becoming a youtuber
    If you did sub thx you and leave you first name and last initial name so that I give you a shout out in my first youtube video that you guys have as great day and night

  9. Sneaky Ninja says:

    Everyone Sub To Me I Will Sub To You

  10. rithin prakash says:

    U shit

  11. rootbeerlovesme says:

    2:47 did their brains just shut off or something?! No one thinking logically would do that!!! 😱

  12. George Copter says:


  13. MissGingerSnap says:

    Hey guys, I'm new I need some sub buddies! Sub me I'll sub back☺️

  14. Doggy Diy says:

    You also forgot to add (gone sexual) lol

    Edit: for anyone who can't take a joke it's a joke

  15. Che'la Maree says:


  16. Che'la Maree says:

    hey any small time youtubers wanna support each other!! i’m here

  17. snorting pig says:

    thanks a lot for this!

  18. Volt Toys Review says:

    Got my channel for couple months, no one watch my video unless use AdWords, no one subscribe , so hard 🙁

  19. Byron Edwards says:

    Love this

  20. Jay Qwelin says:

    i just made de videos my way. deyr crappy but i only got my phone lol. 😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀