Make Money Flipping Houses | Real Estate Investing Course

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24 Responses to Make Money Flipping Houses | Real Estate Investing Course

  1. Freedom Real Estate Investing says:

    Its my pleasure Andrew!

  2. andrew turczyn says:

    awesome thanks for the reply!

  3. Freedom Real Estate Investing says:

    If you are assigning the property and you write your contract right way, then your profit could be the full $30K in this example, minus any marketing cost that you had. If you are doing a simultaneous or a Double Close, you would have a few hundred dollars in closing cost for each closing that would be subtracted out of your profit.

  4. andrew turczyn says:

    when flipping a property and selling it for profit for example buying at ($100 000) and selling at ($130 000) does that 30 000$ difference literally mean you profited that amount and now have 30 000$ in your bank?
    I am young and just unsure of how purchasing a home works

  5. Ha Neul says:

    More please

  6. RIP9217 says:

    More videos of this game. It's good.

  7. Locke19901 says:

    This Olde House hosted by Falcon69

  8. mdavies97131 says:

    Although I hope they put in penalties for smashing/painting the wrong room, I have to say I can ahem conveniently overlook the missing electrical/pluming in the walls getting smashed down ;P On the flip side, I think it'd be interesting/detailed to have to deal with knocking the walls, then the studs, and a bad mistake knocking out a support beam would topple the house down >.<

  9. Ben Fontenot says:

    Reminds me of Viscera Cleanup Detail.. but more realistic

  10. gingerfluff says:

    I'm so glad you chose to play this. I love it

  11. alexubel says:

    I must have missed the part where you are buying and flipping houses, because all I have seen so far is remodeling contracts from homeowners.

  12. Cecilia Santibanez says:

    How do I get the game? I clicked the download link but I don't see a way to get it

  13. Doom's-day rocker says:

    falcon flippers co

  14. Aretas Veverskis says:

    Please facecam.

  15. SUN GOD ESCANOR says:

    Pls play more😢

  16. Professor Thawne says:

    You can actually sell all of your clients stuff to get a shitload of money. When house flipping you can add stuff to increase its value. Painting it will not increase its value.

  17. MN121MN says:

    So will you do this game Keralis style aka selling everything from your client's house?

  18. Ahmed Iqbal says:

    Plz anyone let us where to fing bunker alpha card in the update 1.6.8

  19. rmalas18 says:

    Play more

  20. Gene Castro says:

    Do more

  21. Denil Fidanov says:

    You should play fortnite 🙂

  22. captaincrazyness says:


  23. Miles Harvey says:

    Dad simulator 2017

  24. The Thunder says:

    I like the game with many puzzle