// Make $$$ with Instagram Stories //

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20 Responses to // Make $$$ with Instagram Stories //

  1. Chris Hau says:

    If you're into making stories! Tag your account below so I can check it out. P.S sorry for the slow auto focus. GONNA Work on that! 🙂

  2. jordan peterson says:


    I loved this video and I appreciate you sharing this knowledge.

  3. Spotboy says:

    xvidoes?? WTF XDD

  4. AthensClubCrawl says:

    omg i became rich!!!! lol

  5. Petko Popadiyski says:

    can you say how much would you charge for a day or a week of sharing a brand content on your ig? the prices are laughable low! and you ruin your following that way…

  6. Paulo Travels says:

    Damn, Jesse works for Xvideos? did I hear that? lol

  7. Judd Meche says:

    Jesse — what's under that dead cat? VideoMic Go? VideoMic Pro?

  8. How Do I says:

    Chris, thanks for the info and the introduction to Jesse. Going to check him out now.

  9. Clinton Jeswan says:

    So I learned a lot in this video about how to use the story highlighter more efficiently and some more things. Thanks for the tips and hope for more from you

  10. Kapbeauty Lifestyle says:

    Loved this video! Lot of information. 🙌🏼

  11. Opa says:

    THIS is value!! Love it, learned a lot so thank you for posting 👍🔥💕

  12. # Hashtag says:

    I am thinking of creating a DM group for poets and writers less than 10k followers. We will help each other grow by liking and commenting on each others post.Comment your Instagram username if you want to be in the group.

  13. Antonis Ptr says:


  14. Ho Stevie! says:


  15. Alfredo Ayala says:

    Nice video
    Btw what’s the video editing program he is using

  16. samxma says:

    This was actually really refreshing, normally these kind of videos are BS and people showing off. But you guys are practical with your delivery and very encouraging which is awesome! Thank you for the great content 🙂

  17. Jacqui's Journeys says:

    Great video! Great motivation for us newbies. Went and followed Jesse too!! Very cool.

  18. lahiru eranjith says:

    Hey Guys i make Dope insta stories Plz.Check Them out @Vlogboi

  19. AdventureSingh says:

    Epic info. Deffo gonna try out

  20. Lupus Fibromyalgia & ME Chronic illness says:

    Thank you, I'm new at this.