Making Money from Games

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Making Money from Games

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20 Responses to Making Money from Games

  1. Mikko Översti says:

    If your game is text based, accept donations.

  2. PEACHYio staff says:

    you are helping me alot with these vids keep them coming pls 🙂

  3. sicsempersomnia5271 says:

    Please take a looks at communities like and for your game. Also consider , , and even PayPal is a old staple of indie devs!
    If you're working on a free/libre and open source game, check out , , and too.

  4. YoungSpunkY says:

    buying gf in rs 20k per hour LUL

  5. Mushoku Kame says:

    10:25 xD thats where the video should end.

  6. Abdulmalik Almuhanna says:

    what is the game in 9:42

  7. Cyberization says:

    Taira I'm bored.

  8. Digital Blade says:

    I never thought that the day would come but… If everyone else is wearing a hat and I look like a hobo I am not playing the game.

  9. Ever StanDinG says:

    8:48 thank me later

  10. Creative Guise says:

    so. many. MEEEMES!!

  11. Rus Toggamton says:

    "Competitive Game" shows TF2

    Me: Nice joke bro.

  12. Murad Ali says:

    There are some text based games which have made money.

  13. Murad Ali says:

    There are some text based games which have money.

  14. A youtuber quite Small says:

    Take a guess how much money I want to make for my best game

    At least 2$ and that's not a joke

  15. Orhan Shabich says:

    I love Game Jolts interface, it's one of the only really nicely designed UI's in DDP's

  16. Joshua Hwang says:

    1:08 Yheeess… :^)

  17. Pinoy visaya tgalog video new says:

    Subscribe me

  18. V1RTU4LZ says:

    I made a Unity game, if you want to check it out :

  19. Firnekburg says:

    How much money can an average game earn from google play store ?
    per month ?

  20. ben94z says:

    Firstly start sleeping in glass and your games will be a financial success in no time