POWER OF MONEY – Motivational Speech for Success [ MOTIVATION 2017 ]

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20 Responses to POWER OF MONEY – Motivational Speech for Success [ MOTIVATION 2017 ]

  1. Stromtropper C137 says:

    Who is the speaker?

  2. Justin Blessed says:


  3. Andy Jesus says:

    Change my mf life I'ma become Soo richhh (:

  4. Adrian Hughes says:

    This changed my life…. I will and cannot EVER go back

  5. Furyy Night says:

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  7. Hasiger Hase says:

    without poor people who are producing things for cheap which the rich or trying to be rich people can then sell for profit, there would not be any rich people. if everyone decided to become rich and did it, none of us would still have food or clothes to survive. just saying, because you are getting money for being "wise".

  8. Jaime Lopez says:

    Listening to this stuff while checking out stocks is great.

  9. Necter Kinney says:
  10. Ricardo Garcia Handal says:

    Great stuff!! Can't stop listening to this guy!

  11. TheBronze33 says:

    This is VERY GOOD stuff!

  12. LisaYambo88 says:

    Very inspiring. I listened to the video at work on my headphones 1-2 times per day last week. Key thing, DO WHAT YOU LOVE! <3 Thanks!

  13. Necter Kinney says:

    What is the original speech by bob? Where's it from?

  14. Bajjwak Bhattarai says:

    This is the key to the life you want to live, don't listen to this passively and don't forget what you learn from Bob.

  15. Landin & Lance McFarlane says:

    Love this! Bob Is speaking with passion

  16. Aaliyah Gaming says:

    A bill of just over 2000 pound was wiped off because it was the companys fault they wer goin to charge over 10.000 i knew it was a mistake n i saw it being wiped off last year because i knew it wasnt right so theres a lesson right there !!!it happened after i first listened this video yesterday cant stop listening thanks !!

  17. patrick karuri says:

    what is the name of the speaker in this video?

  18. MstarRep lanin says:

    Whos the first speaker?

  19. Jorge Félix says:

    What is the name of the book that he mentions about an author who studied 500 of the most successful people?