TERRIBLE Games That Made INSANE Amounts Of MONEY 💰

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Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

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24 Responses to TERRIBLE Games That Made INSANE Amounts Of MONEY 💰

  1. TheGamer says:

    What other Stupid Video Games That Made CRAZY Amounts Of MONEY deserve to be on our list?

  2. dragonwind1982 says:

    To me gta should have been left off the shelf but I know that is just me

  3. Doomed RPG game player( The Doomed One) says:

    Call of duty infinite warfare is fun for me

  4. Rubix Cubix says:

    Where is mighty no.9 on here? That game got lots of money and was pure crap

  5. Blafman says:

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4………..

  6. Lethal hixie likes explosions says:

    I hate butt hurt sonic fans

  7. Derpydonuts The 3rd says:

    Star Wars battlefront is amazing do you have mental promblems [no offense]

  8. Erwin Fermin says:

    CoD IW

  9. Whacka says:

    TERRIBLE Channels That Made INSANE Amounts Of MONEY 💰

  10. ChoonieLaster says:

    One of the most evident; Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Originally done as a conmemoration of Sonic's 15th anniversary, nearly no one that purchased the game expected it to be so awful and glitchy.

    Candy Crush, not even with Soda or Jelly, is saved from, being terrible and popular. I mean, I played the three games once or twice. I gave up easily. For me, it hurts less other Match-3 games that actually have a purpose, than King's boring and popular games. I played most some times. Yet I'd just wish King realizes about everything.
    The Mario and Sonic at the Olympics series might be okay in a part, but the portable versions had a good story mode!
    Since I don't know the rest, well… I can't say much.

  11. Derell29472975 says:

    lol atleast I'm not the only one who hates candy crush and not all the 3D sonic games are bad sonic lost worlds was pretty good literlly everybody says all the 3D sonic games are bad that's a lie like I said not all of them are bad

  12. MineCatTheory ! says:

    Um, maybe sonic boom 3ds

  13. eddylikes chocolate says:

    All these games are goodYou want to make money

  14. strange Ziga says:

    You used soms good gamea and left roblox off the list?

  15. Micah Limon says:

    Do you know what game should have never been released?….. freaking Sonic 06!!!

  16. EsmeAmelia says:

    A Star Wars game being made for STAR WARS FANS? Gasp, that's crazy! How dare a Star Wars game be made for Star Wars fans! So illogical!

  17. god damn it gamer gdg says:

    sonic 06 sucks ass

  18. Nestor Esparza says:

    Mario and sonic is not a bad game

  19. Rob Hankins says:

    I think the first two Mario and sonic at the Olympics were good but the last one really looks bad.

  20. Anonymous says:

    These are in YOUR opinion. Make better quality videos. And try to code a better games on this list, or don’t say anything about it.😡

  21. VeggieTales fans says:

    Scraping shimmer & shine magic wishes jewelry box

  22. TheTecolote66 says:

    Scrap magic cape Hazel doll

  23. Ashley Zamacona says:


  24. Anthony Manuel says:

    I almost peed on myself when you said "simple as that" and then struggled so much with the pliers. Thanks for the video