The Key To Making Money At A Young Age

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The Key To Making Money At A Young Age

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20 Responses to The Key To Making Money At A Young Age

  1. alice lopez says:

    your real!!!

  2. Victoria_riya says:

    Same, unfortunately I didn't get a job this year but at least I'm walking local dogs and doing small stuff while earning something so now I pay for my clothes, makeup, gym… maybe I don't have this year that much but still

  3. Talysha Pabey says:

    Hey, i know this is random being that the video is a little old but im having alot of trouble getting a job do you have any tips on how to get one ?

  4. Mia Daniels says:

    I'm thirteen…

  5. Hope Chinez says:

    Love this video it's so motivating 💞😊

  6. Warda says:

    Life is not about the destination it's about the journey! Make memories do not stress so much you are never getting young again..

  7. laveesta55 says:

    I love your eyeshadow do you have a tutorial on this look❤️?

  8. jessica bowman says:

    This is so fucking inspiring omg

  9. Apple Periwinkle says:

    I really love your point of view and your passion! It's amazing, thank you for sharing this 🙂

  10. Aimee Quigg says:

    I am exactly the same. All I do is work, study and go to the gym. Partying and clubbing has never been for me. A fun night "out" is going to get some good food, then going home and watching movies on Netflix with my dog. Not ashamed at all. My end goal, my definition of "success", is having a nice house in a good neighbourhood with a loving partner and happy, healthy kids who are going to good schools and having a job I love going to every day.

  11. Tuï Luijten says:

    What do you reccomend for a 12 yr old. I know im young…😂

  12. Liz BP1 says:

    Great video looved it!!! Could you do more inspirational videos please! You really are a big inspiration to us and we love you!!!

  13. Carly Picotte says:

    your gorgeous girl 💞👌💦💅💥 do u have musically?

  14. ruby Balderas says:

    lol garage sales yesss. i made what I make in a month in one day

  15. Stephanie Cabello says:

    By far the best video that has made me view things so differently. Thank you!!!!

  16. its KuringsKi says:

    pls do a video bout your photoshoots plsss plsss plsss .. lavs yah gorgeous! 😍😍😍😍

  17. Stephanie Mannie says:

    Thanks for being inspiring me to do better!

  18. Martina'sLifebites says:

    Great video. Really motivating.

  19. Cosette Culver says:

    fave YouTuber 💙

  20. Sam says:

    You remind me of Adriana from The Secret Life of The American Teenager